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Every shipping and logistics company promises just in time delivery. But today’s consumers demand more. Speed and efficiency is vital to every link in the supply chain. When looking for shipping logistics companies or freight shipping companies, look for a provider with a track record you can trust.

At Paschall Logistics, Inc. we collaborate with our clients to understand their specific needs and provide a logistics solution that exceeds their expectations.

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Full truckload. Large shipments delivered quickly, safely in the US, Mexico and Canada.

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Whether you’re looking for shipping logistics companies, freight shipping companies, or reliable truck freight shipping options, we can help. Call us today at 866-839-6407 or contact us online.

Idle trucks are lost profits

We get it. As one of the leading logistics companies nationwide, we’re here to keep your trucks on the road. Drivers only make money when they are driving. Work with us to minimize downtime and maximize your bottom line with our transportation and logistics services.

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Help our shippers get products to their destinations on time and reap the rewards. Contact us to discuss becoming a partner carrier of Paschall Logistics, Inc., a trusted transportation and logistics company serving clients nationwide. We are employee owned and ready to work with you to meet today’s shipping demands


Dry van, team/solo or slip-seat, local delivery, yard jockey services, LTL linehaul, & power only.


Alternative for freight that is not easily transported in a dry van due to its dimensions or loading specifications.


Capacity and coverage across a large portion of the lower 48 states.


Offering full intermodal solutions -- whether you have an import or export, international or domestic.

Supply Chain

Foresight, innovation, & the ability to execute strategic solutions to improve your supply chain and your business.

Temp Control

Cutting-edge technology & superior customer service to ensure your refrigerated products are delivered safely.

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Every person you speak to has a personal stake in the success of our company and yours. Why deal with an employee when you can work with the owner?


We communicate with you regularly and early. You’ll never wonder what is going on.

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We’ve been in business since the 1930s and have strong backing


We employ the latest in logistics and EDI technology.


With Paschall Logistics, Inc. you get a single point of contact – and no run-around.


We seek long term solutions, not a quick fix.

Our mission is to make shipping easier and become your source for freight solutions!