Storage Trailer Rentals

PTL Rentals serves storage and cartage trailer needs in the Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, and the Western Kentucky and Tennessee markets. Our fleet consists of late-model, 53′ dry van trailers with swing doors.

Trailers are available to rent to individuals, small businesses, manufacturers and government entities.

Storage trailers are to be used as storage only, but they may be moved occasionally from one location to another for customer loading and unloading convenience. These trailers are not maintained to DOT standards and are intended for storage purposes only.

Cartage trailers are maintained to DOT standards and may be used in local cartage service. Even though these trailers are DOT compliant, the service area for these trailers is restricted to a 100-mile radius of our rental locations.

PTL Rentals offers delivery service and pick-up service for an additional charge, or the customer may pick up the rental trailer from the PTL Rental facility at no additional charge.

Rents are due in advance on the first day of each month subject to a 1 month minimum rental charge. Following the initial month, rental charge can be prorated to the next one half month upon turn in.

Tires, repairs and minor maintenance required while in the customer’s possession is the responsibility of the customer. Damage resulting from accidents or abuse is the customer responsibility.

Rents unpaid after 30 days are considered delinquent. Rents unpaid after 60 are considered in default of the rental agreement and subject to the default provisions of the rental agreement. PTL will maintain a lien on contents of any trailer declared to be in default of the rental agreement. 

Storage Trailer monthly rental rate: 
Murray, KY is $125
West Memphis, AR is $140
Indianapolis, IN is $150
One-month minimum rental charge all locations

Cartage Trailer rental rate: $300 per month with a one-month minimum rental charge

Delivery and Pick-up charges are determined based upon destination/origin and length of lease

Customer Delivery or Pick-Up: No charge

* Volume or term of rental discounts are available

Phone: 888-222-2534
Mail: PTL Rentals, P.O. Box 1073, Murray, KY 42071

Short and long term storage options.